13th part of short reviews.

ABYTHIC – Beneath Ancient Portals
Year of release: 2018
Label: Blood Harvest
Rating: 6,8 / 10

Old-school Death Metal with excellent reference points - ASPHYX, GRAVE, INCANTATION and so on. Unfortunately, despite diligent adherence to the canons and qualitatively done work, U gave the impression that the album is somehow wrong. Either the sound is too smooth, or his average pace lulls, or all together. In fact, it is quite typical for modern German metal - to make a technically perfect product, in which there is absolutely no spirituality. In general, there are more albums in the world that are better than this, executed in almost identical style. But look at the cover!


Year of release: 2018
Label: Saturnal Records
Rating: 7 / 10

The Finnish group, consisting of four anonymous authors, already has a couple of full-length albums and other smaller records. In their assets there is a rather fierce anti-islam position, which the group does not hesitate to express during concert performances, and I feel nothing but respect to that. As for the music on "The Three Woes", here we have quite melodic black metal in the vein of late SARGEIST. The EP is rather cheerful and pleasant, but this melodic part is still a bit sugary. SARGEIST does it better. Nevertheless, fans of the Finnish scene should pay attention to it.


DESTRUKTOR – Opprobrium
Year of release: 2015
Label: Hells Headbangers Records 
Rating: 6 / 10

DESTRUKTOR has always been one of my least favorite bands in Hells Headbangers' roster. They are good Australian metal, they do everything right, but for some reason none of the albums of these buds got me hooked. All of them are a bit too dumb, and "Opprobrium" is no exception. Gloomy, brutal, merciless barbarism for the sake of barbarity. Kind of achievement anyway, but I do not want to listen to it anymore. ans of DESTROYER 666, NOCTURNAL GRAVES, VOMITOR should give it a try.


GOAT SPERM – Voice in the Womb
Year of release: 2018
Label: Inferna Profundus Records
Rating: 7,8 / 10

Stunning debut EP of a freshly baked Ukrainian project hiding under dark robes. Black metal in the name of Goat, suddenly not copying any of the forefathers. The right mix of modernity and old school. Vocals are just fucking killer. he only drawback is the short duration.


PYREFICATIVM – संसार का पथ
Year of release: 2018
Label: Living Temple Records
Rating: не нуждается

The debut album of the Chilean solo formation, which, by the way, came out on the Russian label. Honestly, I was going to devote a full review to it, but I quickly realized that I was trying to grasp the immensity. In order to understand this 75-minute monument, you need to abandon all other cases and devote it at least a week. And if you still want to comprehend its semantic content, you can never return to the original state of body and mind. This is a magical and gigantic album in every sense, in the course of which it's as easy to lose as in a cornfield in the middle of the night. Despite the doomy and pretty melodic music, it reminds me complicated version of DEATHSPELL OMEGA. I do not even know why exactly - perhaps, because of it's coldness. PYREFICATIVM definitely deserves admiration, but I do not know if the musician understands that half of listeners of his album will not be able to sit out until the very end.


Author: F1sher16

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