Review: BONEHAMMER – Through Blood

Year of release: 2016
Label: Aeon of Horus Productions
Rating: 8,3 / 10

I think that there's no need to introduce BONEHAMMER to the regular readers of Bagnik Zine. Someone learned about the band thanks to the relatively recent concerts in the company with ŁATANU, VERWÜSTUNG, KRUK and PESTILENTIA, someone listened to it even earlier, and somebody is playin in the band him/herself. All the rest should take BONEHAMMER to the note - after all, the band is already a kind of iconic one, and in the future it can become even legendary. The fact is next: BONEHAMMER closed one of the remaining niches on our scenebecoming the first band from Belarus, performing a primitive satanic "Hammer Metal" in the vein of BEHERIT, ARCHGOAT, HELLHAMMER, GALLHAMMER and so on. Primitivism in this case is good and correct: regardless of the speed of music, every chord, word and drum hit sounds clearl and accentuated, crashing into the brain with the power of a good boxer's hook. It's absolutely not surprising if you look at the line-up of BONEHAMMER live. Music performed by such giants simply can not sound weak. Add them horns, and you will get the models for Chris Moyen, who is drawing another mega demon destroying the church. However, despite its subversive potential, BONEHAMMER on the stage and on the record behave very strictly, not rolling down into chaos, thrash, punk, and so on. Straight backs, stern faces, Black Metal in the name of the Goat. The music is accompanied by inhuman roar, and many were / will be surprised to learn that the main vocals are female. The phrase "it's hard to believe that this is a girl's performance" is beaten up extremely, it is usually used to describe some whimpy sibilant mediocrity with tits from some fashionable metalcore band from Napalm Records or another shitty pop metal label. But in this case it's really hard to believe. The vocal is performed on all the wicked canons of antiquity, and it is gloomy like a starless cosmos. No voice gadgets, no exaggeration on my part - come to the gig and see for yourself. I mentioned the cosmos not by chance, because the atmosphere of cold black emptiness is inherent in "Through Blood". No doubt, this is a consequence of the influence of the works of BEHERIT, and a cover on "Salomon's Gate" is the evidence. I note an unusually clean and heavy sound release, most reminiscent of the latest records of ARCHGOAT. Someone will say that it's not in the line with "goat" metal, but the music of BONEHAMMER really does not need any extra dirt. Physical release - beautifully and minimalistically designed cassette tape in slipcase. Unfortunately, the lyrics are not printed inside, but at least there is a sticker. The casette is limited to 66 copies, if I remember correctly. More details on a video. Make your order here.

P.S. As far as I'm concerned, the work on the debut full-length BONEHAMMER is boiling, if not already completed. The material from it was performed at the aforementioned concerts, with Natalia from Aeon of Horus playing the role of the second guitarist. It seems that we are waiting for more sophisticated, complex and attacking music.


Author: F1sher16

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